High Refractory Slag Cutting Dart for Steel Making

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High refractory slag cutting dart for steel making: 

In the furnace, during steel making process there is very thick slag floating on the liquid steel,which include S,P and many other unknow complicated chemical contents. In order to improve the steel quality and avoid phosphor backward flow, it's important to control and cut the slag flow into the steel fluid bowl,it is the function of slag dart.  
We make the dart density between the slag and steel, and with several grooves. When there is less than 1/3 steel in the furnace, the dart application machine drop the dart into the furnace near it's tap hole, the dart head float on the steel but under the slag. At the end the steel will flow through the grooves but slag on the top of dart.
In this way ,slag stopping rate can be over 90%.

Details of slag cutting dart for steel making:



Pressing Strength

110℃*24h 30Mpa

1500℃*3h 50Mpa

Spherical diameter


Guiding rod length

Total length 135±10mm

Refractory pour 90±10mm

Stopping slag in steel making

1.high density and high strength
2.Easy to use and energy-efficient  
3.High success rate  
Compare with slag stopping ball:

In the converter steel-making processing, a lot of steel-slag in melting state is produced. Traditionally in metallurgy, when slag stopping balls are used, the balls drop inside and slide-roll to the furnace dump-mouth, because of the movement of the slag stopping balls is without a definitive direction to the tapping hole,so the molten steel can not outflow completely and affect the slag splashing,the cost is increasing.The efficiency of the slag-stopping ball is less than 70%. Using the slag-stopping plug in tapping process, its efficiency can be improved 96%, with slag thickness 40mm.

In wood container or according to your requirement .

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