Blast Furnace Taphole Bricks Clay

Product Details

Blast furnace taphole bricks clay (another name is stemming ) 

Stemming is made of refractory aggregate ,fine powder ,anchoring agent and liquid .The water content of foam mud is less than 2% . After calcination treatment ,it can form plastic refractory used as plugging off the tapping hole on blast furnace .
So far , there are two kinds of stemming ,one is water stemming , another is waterless stemming .
The water used as a binder ,named water stemming ,the coke ,resin and some organic materials used as a binder ,named waterless stemming.

Main Function:
1.The product is suitable for large, medium and small blast furnace, with high strength, low dosage, slag corrosion resistance;
2.It Can effectively stabilize the depth of the tap hole ,discharge iron slag;
3.No reaming ,no yellow fume , controlling the speed of iron melt .
4.It Can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, eliminate hiddendanger .

Physical and chemical index:


Enhydrous stemming

Anhydrous stemming

Al2O3 %



Sic %



C %



Cold Crushing Strength(Mpa)



Obvious Porosity



Bulk Desity (g/cm3)




Be used to block the taphole

Advantage :

  1. high refractoriness

  2. Have certain strength and wear resistance after drying

  3. God slag resistance

  4. Have a certain plasticity

  5. Rapid drying

  6. No pollution ,no harmful gas

  7. Thermal shock resistance

  8. OEM is available

Packing details:
in25kg small bags then in big ton bags,all are water-proof and suitable for ocean transporting.

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