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Nitrided Silicon 






Nitrided Silicon Properties

Nitrided Silicon, a chemical formula Si3N4, is an important structural ceramic materials. It is a superhard material itself has lubricity and wear resistance for the crystal atoms; anti-oxidation at high temperatures. And it is also resistant to thermal shock, heated to above 1000 ℃ in the air, chilling sharply heating, and will not be cracked.


Nitrided Silicon Application

1.PV industry 

2.Lighting industry

3.Electronics and high precision mechanical

4.Functional ceramics

5.Coatings ingredients and thermal conduct conductivity  material

6.Science and semiconductor material


Nitrided Silicon is used as senior refractory materials, such as sic combination for SI3N4-SIC refractories for blast furnace body parts; combined with BN for SI3N4-BN material, split ring for the horizontal continuous casting. SI3N4-BN horizontal continuous casting separation ring is a fine structure of ceramic materials, uniform structure, high mechanical strength. Thermal shock resistance, will not be liquid steel and humid, in line with the process of Pente requirements.


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