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Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy(nitrided Vanadium )

we can supply Vanadium nitrogen alloy(nitrided vanadium ),if you are interested in it ,please feel free to contact us.

Vanadium nitrogen alloy is a new type of alloy additives, it can replace vanadium iron for microalloyed steel production. Vanadium nitride added to the steel can improve the strength, toughness, ductility and thermal fatigue resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties of steel, and make the steel have good weldability. Under the same strength, adding vanadium nitride can saves vanadium adding amount 30-40%, and then reduces the cost.

Vanadium nitrogen alloy can be used in structural steel, tool steel, pipe steel, steel bar and cast iron. The application of vanadium-nitrogen alloy in high-strength low-alloy steel can simultaneously effective vanadium and nitrogen microalloying , promoting the precipitation of carbon, vanadium and nitrogen compounds in steel. and more effectively play the role of sedimentation and grain refinement.