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Use Of Silicon 1

Oct 20, 2016

③ fiber-optic communications, the latest of modern means of communication. Made transparent by the pure silica glass fiber, glass fiber pathways in the laser, countless forward transfer of total reflection, instead of the bulky cables. High capacity optical fiber communication, a hair-thin glass fibers, you can simultaneously transmit 256 ports, it is not affected by electrical and magnetic interference, not afraid of hacking, with a high degree of confidentiality. Optical fiber communication will make the 21st century revolutionary changes in human life.

④ excellent organic compounds of Silicon. Such as organic silicon plastic is an excellent waterproof coating materials. Subway wall spray silicone can resolve water seepage problems once and for all. The appearance of Antiquities, sculptures, coated with a thin layer of silicone plastic, to prevent Moss growth to ward off the rain and weathering. Tiananmen Square's monument to the organic silicon plastic surfaces, always clean, fresh.