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Today The Main Producing Areas Raises The Price Of Ferrosilicon

Nov 13, 2017

Today the main producing areas raises the price of ferrosilicon.

Today, because the stock is still tense in the main producing areas of Inner Mongolia Dachang,orders are connected to the end of the month, and expresse that the downstream demand is still exists, today's offer is up.

The reason:1.The price of steel is firm, and the demand for converter heating is still on.
2. the spot is tight, the main producing area orders are connected to the end of November, Order delivery in order.
3.The export is strong back, the delivery is still tense.
4. New Year approaching, Steel mill started to reserve the goods,replenish inventory gradually. 

For the later market,the factory of the main origin indicated that there is still a possibility of further increase in the later.