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There Are Few Factories Of No- Oxygen Silicon Metal In The Productionin In Inner Mongolia

There are few factories of no- oxygen silicon metal in the productionin in Inner Mongolia
At present, there are already some factories in Inner Mongolia start to convert into ferrosilicon product. There are few factories of no-oxygen silicon metal 553 in Inner Mongolia, the factory that in the production says, the number of inquiry in the recent market start to increase, the price of no-oxygen silicon metal  in Inner Mongolia region is also in a state of rose, the factory price is basically in the 12200 yuan / ton, The actual delivery of goods shows signs of improvement than the early stages.
For the late market, most factories are still in a bullish state, in the face of the weak situation of silicon metal, there are still some factories insist on production. Although the Inner Mongolia region has the obvious conversion of production, but in the late period of improvement of silicon metal market, the factory still have the possibility of resuming the production of silicon metal.  At present, the no-oxygen silicon metal market is in a very high price state, and some factories are reluctant to sell. It is estimated that the price will also continue to recover in a short period of time.