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The Willingness To Increase The Price Of Silicon Metal In The North Is Obvious

The willingness to increase the price of silicon metal  in the north is obvious

Regarding the silicon metal, The southern market is reluctant to sell, ,the northern market factory in the production is constantly raising the price. The intention of the factory to raise prices is obvious, and it also indicates that in recent there is an acceptable status of downstreams even the higher price.

As the price increases further, the metal silicon market which should be gradually closed is still maintaining the positive status of inquiry.  As the South market are more reluctant to sell silicon metal, which adding firepower to the north market in increasing price. Coupled with the terminal market in considering the issue of Spring Festival transport, there are still a small amount of concentrated stocking phenomenon at the end of the year,  The trend of the market became more and more unclear. the purchaser's perception of market also gradually differentiation.