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The Rare Earth Magnesium Ferro Silicon Market Held Steady (FeSiMgRe Alloy)

The rare earth magnesium ferro silicon market held steady (FeSiMgRe Alloy)

The latest market news,  because the price of ferrosilicon continued to rise, rare earth magnesium ferro silicon prices steady rise this month, a part of its offer kept steady, a part raised 100-200 yuan / ton.

as to the orders, downstream manufacturers optimistic about the ferrosilicon market, most of the rare earth magnesium ferro silicon factory orders have increased, and they still insist on order-based production.

This month, rare earth magnesium ferro silicon downstream demand and upstream raw material prices are relatively good, but in recent days manufacturers speculated that the ferrosilicon market will fluctuate,
bullish and bearish each hold its words, manufacturers are anxiety about preparing goods. In the current fluctuations in raw materials, rare earth magnesium market outlook for the time being stable.