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The Mainstream Price Of Silicon Barium Alloy Increased

Dec 04, 2017

the mainstream price of silicon barium alloy increased
According to this station,at the beginning of December,silicon barium alloy market trend rose. In Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Qinghai and other main producing areas, the mainstream price of silicon barium alloy market had all rose compared with last week, but the transaction price in Sichuan and other areas was more stable than last week.

 According to a manufacturer in Inner Mongolia revealed, Affected by environmental governance ,the main producer of ferro silicon in some parts of Ningxia almost shut down all furnaces, There are few manufacturers in the market start production normally , the ferrosilicon gap was more than ten thousand tons, the current ferrosilicon plant in Inner Mongolia has already started to stop offer,  ferrosilicon transaction price in Qinghai is 7100 yuan / ton, It is expected that the market price of ferrosilicon will rise sharply in the later period. Naturally, silicon barium alloy followed closely, the later market price of silicon barium product will continue to firm.