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The Chaotic Situation In The Ferrosilicon Market Has Intensified And The Price Gap Widened

Dec 07, 2017

The chaotic situation in the ferrosilicon market has intensified and the price gap widened
Since the large factory of main producing areas have quoted yesterday, The chaotic situation in the ferrosilicon market is intensifying, the large factory quote 72# 11800yuan/ton, 75# 12000yuan/ton, although the price of other manufacturers have risen with different levels, but the increase of every enterprise are not the same,  the actual transaction price gap is also larger. Now the market can be said that there is no mainstream reference price,  transaction is all one deal one single agreement, And the validity time of the factory quotation is short, which adjusted to the market situation at any time.
This time the chaotic situation in the market will continue, the factory quotation price gap is large, and extremely confusing. The downstream customers that are not in urgent need of the goods take a wait and see attitude, but those are in urgent needs of the goods had to accept the round of price increases.
The market is expected to become more clearer gradually after the introduction of steel bidding price in January , or after the Ningxia Zhongwei resume production.