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Silicone Materials Have A Unique Structure

Oct 20, 2016

(1) Si Atom enough methyl polysiloxane backbone of high energy shielding;

(2) C-H-polar so that Intermolecular forces are weak;

(3) SI-o bond length is longer, Si-O-Si bond angle.

(4) SI-o bond is characteristic of 50% ionic bonds Covalent bonds (Covalent bonds with direction, and ionic bonds omnidirectional). Because of the unique structure of silicone, the performance of both inorganic and organic materials, with low surface tension, viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression, high gas permeability properties and has high and low temperature resistance, electric insulation resistance, oxidation stability, durability, fire-resistant, water-repellent, high corrosion, nonpoisonous and tasteless as well as excellent physical inertia characteristics.