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Silicon Metal Transport Traffic Is Blocked In The North

Jan 08, 2018

Silicon Metal transport traffic is blocked in the North
The arrival of heavy snow in winter has become the biggest problem in North transportation. According to the reaction of the factory ,  the production of silicon metal in the north market is normal at present, but the time delay in the transportation is much longer.  Most of the factories in Xinjiang have chosen train transportation,   and most of the regions in Inner Mongolia and Qinghai still choose to transport by cars, when encountering the heavy snow,the highway is closed, the silicon metal will not only extend the delivery time, but also increase the transportation cost.
According to the reaction of the production plants in Inner Mongolia, the problem of short-distance transportation is not large at present, but the transportation time to Tianjin Port becomes longer and the cost of transportation is risen from 180-200 to 240-270 yuan / ton. And transportation costs in Xinjiang are also risen to 900 yuan -1000 yuan / tons, of course, because of the different geographical location of the factory, the price is also rising in sync. At present, the impact of the heavy snowy weather in the south is relatively small than the north, but sellers are reluctant to sell , coupled with the problems of raw material transportation and prices, which has led to the factory price rising faster.