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Silicon Metal Market Inquiries Have Been Reduced

Nov 07, 2017

Recently,upstream and downstream in Silicon metal market is deserted. Mainly because the price is suspended in midair,terminal market has the strong wait-and-see sentiment, Purchasing is mainly based on demand,   It is rare to stock in dry season, 

The factory has also responded that there  is a reduction in the number of inquiries in the market since last week. Whether the market is rising or stable, They all have low price shipments situation, So recently, buyers have responded that there is a decline in the silicon metal market, However, the overall market price of the general transaction did not fall, and the factory of individual areas also has the intention to improve quotation. The factory is still optimistic about the later price trend of silicon metal,    

Mainly due to the south is facing the tide of stop production,the funds does't has greater pressure in the absence of start-up in the late.  

At present, the biggest problem in the market is the slow consumption in the downstream market, resulting in a large inventory backlog in the market. Although most of the manufacturing plants have indicated they are reluctant to ship goods at a low price, but terminal and foreign markets hold prices down seriously,The market still needs further good news to stimulate.