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Off Grade Silicon Metal Which Is Hot Sale Currently

off grade silicon metal which is hot sale currently


                                                                                      From:henanxinxin silicon alloy co.,ltd.

silicon metal has high melting point ,ggod heat resistance and high resistivity .

it is usually used in electro ,metallurgy and chemical industry . it is the indispensable essential raw material in the hi-tech industry .

currently ,we have different kinds of off grade silicon metal with competitive price which is hot sale ,

the detailed chemical composition is as follows:

  1. off grade silicon metal 95 ,Si 95%min ,Fe 1.6%max ,Al 1.5%max ,Ca 0.5%max 

  2. off grade silicon metal 97, Si 97%min ,Fe  0.9%max ,Al 0.5%max ,Ca 0.3%max 

  3. off grade silicon metal 98, Si 98%min ,Fe 0.5%amx ,Al 1.0%max ,Ca 0.3%max 

  4. off garde silicon metal 98 ,Si 98%min ,Fe 1.5%max ,Al 0.5%max .Ca 0.3%ax 

    compare with silicon metal 553 , it is more cheaper with best quality .

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