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Metal Silicon Good Elasticity, High Temperature

Metallic Silicon, also known as crystalline Metal Silicon or industrial Metal Silicon, its main purpose is as a non-iron-based alloy additives.

Metal Silicon is a non-metallic element, gray, metallic, hard and brittle The Metal Silicon content is about 26% of the crustal mass; the atomic weight is 28.80; the density is 2.33 g / m3; the melting point is 1410.

Use of metal Metal Silicon:

Metallic Silicon (Si) is an industry-proven elemental Metal Silicon, mainly used in the production of Metal Silicone, the preparation of high-purity semiconductor materials and the preparation of special-purpose alloys.

(1) the production of Metal Silicone rubber, Metal Silicone, Metal Silicone oil and other organic Metal Silicon

Metal Silicone rubber good elasticity, high temperature, for the production of medical supplies, high temperature washers and so on.

Metal Silicone resin for the production of insulating paint, high temperature coatings.

Metal Silicone oil is an oil, its viscosity is affected by the temperature is very small, for the production of high-level lubricants, polishing agent, fluid springs, dielectric liquid, etc., can also be processed into a colorless transparent liquid, as a senior waterproofing agent On the surface of the building.

(2) manufacture of high purity semiconductors

Modern large-scale integrated circuits are almost always made of high-purity metal Metal Silicon, and high-purity metal Metal Silicon or the production of fiber-based raw materials, it can be said that the Metal Silicon metal has become the basis of the information age pillar industry.

(3) preparation of alloy

Metal Silicon aluminum alloy is a larger amount of Metal Silicon alloy. Metal Silicon aluminum alloy is a strong composite deoxidizer, in the process of steel instead of pure aluminum can improve the utilization of deoxidizer, and purification of molten steel to improve the quality of steel. Metal Silicon aluminum alloy with low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, good casting performance and abrasion resistance, with its cast alloy castings with high impact resistance and good high-pressure compactness, can greatly improve the service life, commonly used in the production of spacecraft And auto parts.

Metal Silicon copper alloy has good welding performance, and in the impact is not easy to produce sparks, with explosion-proof function, can be used to make storage tanks.

Steel by adding Metal Silicon made of Metal Silicon steel, can greatly improve the permeability of steel, reduce hysteresis and eddy current loss, can be used to manufacture transformers and motor core, improve the performance of transformers and motors.

Metal Silicon is widely used in smelting ferroMetal Silicon alloy for the steel industry alloy elements, in a variety of metal smelting as a reducing agent. Metal Silicon or aluminum alloy in the good components, the vast majority of cast aluminum alloy contains Metal Silicon. Metal Silicon is the electronics industry, ultra-pure Metal Silicon raw materials, ultra-pure semiconductor monocrystalline Metal Silicon electronic devices with small size, light weight, good reliability and long life and other advantages. High-power transistors, rectifiers and solar cells made of Metal Silicon monocrystals doped with specific trace impurities are better than those made with germanium monocrystals. Amorphous Metal Silicon solar cell research progress quickly, the conversion rate of more than 8%. Metal Silicon molybdenum rod electric components up to the maximum temperature of 1700 ℃, with resistance is not easy to aging and good oxidation resistance. Metal Silicon production of trichlorosilane, can be prepared hundreds of Metal Silicone lubricants and waterproof compounds. In addition, Metal Silicon carbide can be used as abrasive, high purity Metal Silicon oxide production of quartz tube is high purity metal smelting and lighting important material. Eighty years of paper - Metal Silicon people called Metal Silicon "eighties paper". This is because the paper can only record information, and Metal Silicon can not only record information, but also the processing of information processing to obtain new information. In 1945 the world's first electronic computer, with 18,000 tubes, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors, the whole machine weight 30 tons, covering 170 square meters, equivalent to 10 house size. Today's electronic computers, due to advances in technology and material improvements, can accommodate tens of thousands of transistors on a nail-sized Metal Silicon, and have a range of functions such as input, output, operation, storage and control information. Microporous Metal Silicon calcium insulation material microporous Metal Silicon calcium insulation material is an excellent insulation material. It has the characteristics of small heat capacity, high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity, no burning, non-toxic and tasteless, cutting and convenient transportation. It can be widely used in various thermal equipment and pipelines such as metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and ship. The test, energy efficiency is better than asbestos, cement, vermiculite and cement perlite and other insulation materials. Special Metal Silicon calcium material can be used as a catalyst carrier, in the oil refining, automobile exhaust purification and other widely used.