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Foundry Materials The Cost Of The Level To Measure The Cheap

Jun 30, 2017

Foundry Materials the main materials and processes have a decisive impact on the Foundry Materials, because it forms the core functions of the product, such as tensile strength, microstructure, hardness, etc .; Similarly, the role of Foundry Materials auxiliary materials can not be ignored, because if Improper use will directly lead to scrap scrap, and even after the impact of the sale, the economic and credibility of the loss is even greater, the following on our experience to talk about some of the use of Foundry Materials materials on some experience.

In the choice of suppliers I agree with such a point of view, that is, with mature products, take the road ahead, According to the specification, before the use of materials, many companies have to material suppliers for quality system audit, process review, and then laboratory experiments, and then do the production of small batch test, before the formal application in mass production The Even if such a process all finished, there will be sudden quality problems, there are many companies at the beginning of the plant did not have the energy to visit all the auxiliary materials suppliers, even if the targeted study may also just go through , Because you can not completely understand the people of the main industry technology, the main process, supply manufacturers will not tell you the core. In my personal experience, it is the first to use the most well-known brands in the market a lot of use of the product, because the industry's other companies have made a choice, but also experienced a lot of practice test of mature products. Take the core support, for example, at present our company has been used to the two largest domestic car cylinder production company supply company's products, from 2009 so far using the core support millions, there has been no quality problems. There are many negative examples, one time I went to a Foundry Materials enterprise in Jiangsu to help deal with a very serious quality problems, the engine block in the user during the use of water jacket wall leakage, the reason is the cylinder of the foundry use of the core support Not very good with the Foundry Materials fusion, the company since that the core is a matter of indifferent little material, no one can manufacture, the production of core enterprises simply do not have any technical ability, the combination of the two caused the engine in the Major quality accidents in the aftermarket.

Another point of view is that the application of enterprises is not only in the purchase of materials, but also to learn a technology, get a service, especially technical services. In the high level of material suppliers who you can learn a lot of things, once a wholly foreign-owned enterprises to our factory services, see the individual sand core has loose and other quality problems, give us a detailed explanation of the amount of sand and The proportion of the area of the shot, the arrangement of the position of the shot and the position of the upper and lower cassettes, the process of forming the sand core during the sanding process, so that we have obtained the training of the system and greatly improved the quality of the sand core accelerate. Therefore, we not only want to buy materials, at the same time to learn technology, buy technical services, improve themselves, a high level of technical services also means that the level of business.

There is a point of view, is the use of reliable and stable Foundry Materials material is low cost, in a sense to buy a good material, expensive materials, enterprises in the purchase of a Foundry Materials material, must not simply to its price to decide, To be comprehensive and comprehensive measure. There is a business to buy ceramic filter than the market with the largest amount of the most reliable quality of the product a few cents cheaper, the use of such filters in the production process due to the filter through the rate is not enough, Foundry Materials the highest point of pouring Of the phenomenon, several batches of each batch, each time hundreds of pieces in the cylinder Foundry Materialss using the filter when there have been two times a small number of washed down the phenomenon, accounting for about 3% of the number of production. Here as long as you will be a little calculation to such a conclusion, if you buy a reliable, stable and slightly expensive dime of the filter use, the total cost will be much lower, the level of comprehensive cost to measure the cheap.