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Ferrosilicon Market Keep Steady Running At The Beginning Of The Week

Nov 27, 2017

Ferrosilicon market keep steady running at the beginning of the week
At the beginning of the week, The overall operation of ferrosilicon market is relatively stable, The price has little difference compared with last week, and basically maintains stability, the market spreads are still large, the mainstream quotation is 6900-7100 yuan/ton. the producers of ferro silicon 75 are less. At present, the prices of large factories in Inner Mongolia are still relatively high,  the producers of ferro silicon 65 are less. There are more reproducing enterprises in ningxia zhongwei region, Most manufacturers do not produce ferro silicon 75, which lead the production is small, while the price is relatively high. Shanxi Province mainly produce ferro silicon 75, in addition to their own use, the remaining amount for foreign sales,  But the metal magnesium market has been depressed, the prices are weak,  transaction price continues to decline. Prices in Gansu and Qinghai are similar,except a few big factories price are relatively high.