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Ferrosilicon Composite Index Continued To Rise Slightly

Ferrosilicon composite index continued to rise slightly

The two days of the ferrosilicon market,the Spot is tight and transaction price has rised,  Although most industry insiders are still bearish on the late-stage ferro silicon market due to the winter production of steel mills, but the market demand still exist in the short term. Factory goods source is nervous,  the seller is reluctant to sell in mentality,  the market is eager to increase the price, and offer a different degree of increase.

One of the main factors driving the ferro silicon price increase is the tension in the spot market,  because prices fell significantly in September,  the downstream manufacturers are unwilling to take the goods when the market falls, their purchase plans are mostly after the National Day, After the festival, Ningxia took the lead in rising prices and other regions follow up, Coupled with the concentrated release of demand, the downstream is willing to receive the disk after the price increases, the actual transaction homeopathic rise.

The second is the driving effect of futures, From the first day after the festival futures opened, prices are rising,  and the spot market is basically the same.

Third, the export orders are more in recent, increasing the demand for ferrosilicon, exacerbated the situation of domestic supply shortage.

The next is the tender for steel mills at the end of the month, In view of the current market spot tension and the overall desire to rise mentality, the possibility of increasing of steel tender in November is greater.