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Ferro Silicon News From Joyce ,henan Xinxin Silicon Alloy Co.,ltd ,henan Province ,China

Dec 28, 2016

                            Ferrosilicon weekly review   


                                                                                                                  from: henan xinxin silicon alloy co.,ltd.

      At present, the market of ferro silicon , ferro silicon powder ,different size ferro silicon mainly focus on the steel mills’ tender, the Chinese Spring Festival will come earlier this year, and the workday is in early February, under the unstable market situation, steel mill won’t purchase ferrosilicon ,ferro silicon inoculant used as deosidizer ,ferro silicon powder used in steelingmaking with large quantities, besides, due to the environmental protection, many steel mills in North China and East China cut or stopped production, the actual demand is decreasing.


    Export market for ferro silicon inoculant usd in foundry industry , ferro silicon powder used in steelingmaking ,different size ferro silicon and ferro silicon powderOverseas industry insiders are enjoying Christmas, ferrosilicon ,ferro alloys export transaction declined, especially the America market. The market still focus on the customs tariff policy in 2017, it is reported that domestic exporters have applied to Commissioner of Customs for cutting tax tariff to 5%, but up to now, there is no progress.

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