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Ferro Silicon Loss Of The Problem And Frequency Stability

Jul 20, 2017

Soft magnetic materials due to the special function of magnetic conversion, in a variety of electronic products and devices in the production of a very wide range of applications. Specifically, it is widely used as a variety of inductive devices, and a variety of inductors and transformers applications,Ferro Silicon is one of the two most important examples. At present, the world's widely used soft magnetic materials are metal soft magnetic, ferrite soft magnetic, amorphous microcrystalline soft magnetic and metal soft magnetic powder core and other four categories of soft magnetic materials.

Initially, people use low carbon steel as metal soft magnetic. At the beginning of the 20th century, people have developed Ferro Silicon soft magnetic materials and iron-nickel soft magnetic materials permalloy. Silicon steel in the application of transformer design, greatly promoted the development of power transmission project, to promote social progress played a significant role. Subsequently, people have developed a ferroalloy, iron chrome soft magnetic materials. The mid-20th century, with the rapid development of the electronics industry needs, people also developed a ternary system, four yuan system, five yuan soft material. So there have been ultra-permalloy soft magnetic materials, hard slope soft magnetic materials and iron silico aluminum and other multi-element soft magnetic materials. Due to the emergence of a variety of new metal soft magnetic materials, but also greatly promote the transformer and inductors and other electronic components of the development and application. This has also promoted a variety of new, high-performance electronic products have emerged and applied, thus promoting the development of science and technology and progress.

Metal soft magnetic materials with high saturation magnetic flux and permeability, etc., such as a variety of silicon steel saturation magnetic sense of up to 1. 8-2.2 Tesla, and ultra-permalloy initial permeability of more than 100,000, the largest Magnetic permeability of up to 100 million or more. These excellent magnetic properties are of great importance to its application to various electronic components. Especially silicon steel in the application of various high-power transformers, at least in the absence of any other material can be replaced. However, the most deadly defect of metal soft magnetic is the loss, especially in the case of high frequency,Ferro Silicon with the increase in frequency due to its low resistivity makes the eddy current loss surge, which greatly limits its use. And this loss is the form of heating power consumption, so in some must use it, such as large-scale power transformers and other applications on the design had to consider the cooling and cooling problems. Second, because of its poor magnetic stability, too delicate and other defects, but also often make a variety of device designers feel a headache.

In order to reduce the metal soft magnetic loss and frequency stability of the increase, people have developed a variety of soft ferrite materials. The ferrite material is a ferritic composite oxide produced by certain metal oxides at high temperatures. Ferrite materials with high resistivity, so the ferrite soft magnetic material relative to the metal soft magnetic, the loss is greatly reduced, the frequency stability is good. Thus greatly expanding the use of frequency range. Especially in the tens of megabytes or even hundreds of megahertz UHF case, it is an unparalleled advantage. Another major advantage of ferrite soft magnetication is that it has a high effective permeability and can control its range of uniformity, which is of great importance for use in particular as an inductive device. But the ferrite soft magnetic material also has a fatal flaw, that is,Ferro Silicon its saturated magnetic sense of metal soft magnetic is much lower. Therefore, in use, often for its saturation problem deep headache. Although people use the air gap method to make up, but to sacrifice some other performance, and this improvement is limited. Due to the low Curie temperature of the ferrite material, the temperature stability is poor, and these defects also make the soft ferrite in use is not enough.