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Best Supplier Of Cored Wire From Xinxin Silicon Alloy Co.,ltd .

Best supplier of cored wire from xinxin silicon alloy co.,ltd .

   Due to the government policy for environment protecting ,some manufacturers have to reduce or stop the production of cored wire .

   Metal calcium granule is lacking in the market ,it is difficult for silicon calcium cored wire manufacturers to purchase the raw materials .

   I think all these factors will make the price of cored wire going up .

   I predict in April ,most of cored wire manufacturers can recover producing line .

   At that time , government will relax restrictions on environment protect .

   Glad to update news for you!

   This is Joyce from henan xinxin silicon alloy co.,ltd report for you!


   Our main products are :

   Ferrosilicon, Silicon Metal, Silicon carbide, Silicon Nitride, Rare Earth Magnesium Ferro Silicon, Silicon Ball, Si-Ca, Si-Al, Si-Al-Ba-Ca, Inoculant, Mould Inoculant, Carburant, Mould Powder For Pipe Casting, Alloy Cored Wire and so on.

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