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Analysis On Output And Start - Up Situation Of Ningxia Ferro Silicon Enterprises

Nov 24, 2017

Analysis on output and Start - up situation of ningxia ferro silicon enterprises

The overall operation of ferrosilicon market is good, the factory has profit space, The number of resumption of production enterprises in Ningxia zhongwei has increased. On the 11th of this month, the Milky Way, Yue Xin, Da You each start to resume production one electric arc furnace, then xinhua old plant firing on the night of the 19th, Then plan another one, other factories maintain normal production.

According to the incomplete statistics of this net,  there are 16 ferrosilicon producers that are in production in Ningxia in November 2017, involving 40 electric arc furnaces (including high silicon ferrosilicon and magnesium metal manufacturers self-use ferro silicon furnace). the operating rate of ferro silicon enterprises was 35.4% in Ningxia area, which was 4.43% higher than that in October, and the output was expected to be 81,800 tons in November (including 37,000 tons of high silicon output), an increase of 09,100 tons in October, and the production capacity was released by 38.93%.