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Refractory Materials Improve The Quality, Energy Saving

Jun 09, 2017

Iron and steel enterprises Refractory Materials model With the development of the steel industry is also continuous improvement, from the simple to provide refractory materials, to the procurement contract, and then to the current domestic iron and steel enterprises to use the overall regional contract procurement model. The use of refractory area as a whole contract, steel enterprises can control the smelting process of refractory consumption costs, reduce the number of suppliers, improve management efficiency, reduce procurement risk, procurement workload and procurement costs, but also reduce the iron and steel enterprise funds, Reduce the cost of inventory; refractory enterprises and iron and steel enterprises can establish long-term cooperative partnership, is conducive to the enterprise bigger and stronger.

Although there is a lot of advantages in the overall contracting of refractory materials, in this mode, the settlement between refractory enterprises and iron and steel enterprises is based on the amount of tapping, due to their different positions, which determines the refractory business It is difficult to achieve unity with the interests of iron and steel enterprises, therefore, the iron and steel enterprises smelting technological progress, improve the quality of steel products, energy-saving emission reduction and iron and steel enterprises to reduce the cost of more and more unfavorable,

(1) the continuous progress of smelting technology will promote the development of refractory technology, on the contrary, the progress of refractory technology to improve the smelting technology to provide the conditions. Refractory material improvement needs to proceed from three aspects, namely, refractory structure improvement, new varieties of research and development and maintenance of the application. But the development of new products or new application technology, in addition to increasing R & D investment, but also take a lot of risk. Therefore, refractory suppliers mainly to smelting equipment, refractory accident is not the main purpose, not for the iron and steel enterprises to contribute to technological progress, is not conducive to the progress of iron and steel enterprises smelting technology.

(2) modern metallurgical technology requires refractory materials to "longer life, pollution-free, functional" direction, the poor market environment so that refractory suppliers to operate more and more difficult. The domestic refractory suppliers most of the lack of research and development capabilities, in order to ensure profitability, only from the raw materials on the potential, is bound to cause the quality of refractory material instability, after use will certainly affect the quality of steel is not conducive to the improvement of steel products.

(3) "energy saving" is the theme of this era, the loss of heat in the steelmaking process is one of the performance of high energy consumption, insulation to reduce energy consumption, energy conservation, optimization of the entire process has important significance, Is the direct beneficiaries of energy saving. But the refractory contractor can not profit from this, consider the cost factor, will not consider the process of steel production process temperature drop, nor will the energy saving on the initiative to invest resources with iron and steel enterprises, only according to the arrangement of iron and steel enterprises passive To adapt, it is not conducive to iron and steel enterprises in energy conservation.

(4) For iron and steel enterprises, the cost of refractories only about 2% of the cost of steel production, the proportion is very small. The use of regional overall contract model, iron and steel enterprises only consider the cost of refractory procurement, the loss of the use of refractory material is basically the initiative. The refractory enterprises in order to reduce production costs, will not consider the use of refractories will not bring impurities into the molten steel. Therefore, in actual use, iron and steel enterprises tend to increase the cost of purification of molten steel, or even far greater than the cost of refractory procurement. This is not conducive to the overall cost of iron and steel enterprises to reduce the iron and steel enterprises in terms of harmless.

Refractory area of the overall contract in addition to the existence of the above four major deficiencies, but also cause the following adverse effects: the individual products are good but the overall strength of the weak, the ability to pack the total package of qualified suppliers excluded; supply and management separation, The use of standard development often disagree, especially in the production process of refractory products off the assembly line to determine the supply and construction separation, consumption control difficulties, the accident to determine the responsible party wrangling; the use of waste; iron and steel enterprises to test the new products , And the enthusiasm of introduction is reduced. These are the lack of iron and steel enterprises, refractory enterprises, the regional overall contract led to more intense market competition, vicious competition led to lower and lower market prices, iron and steel enterprises refractory enterprises more and more accounts, So that the refractory business situation is getting worse, can not put more financial resources for new products and new technology research and development, business competitiveness worse, and ultimately the formation of a vicious circle.