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Silicon application

Ferro-silicon in steel industry, foundry industry and is widely used in industrial plants.

Ferrosilicon is essential deoxidizer in steelmaking industry. Torches in steel, ferrosilicon for precipitating deoxidation and non reducing. Adobe iron as an alloying agent used in steelmaking. Add a certain amount of Silicon in steels, can significantly improve the strength, hardness, and elasticity of steel, increased permeability, reducing hysteresis loss of transformer steel. General 0.15%-0.35% containing Silicon in steel, structural steel containing SI 0.40%~1.75%, SI 0.30%~1.80% in tool steel, spring steel containing SI 0.40%~2.80%, stainless and acid-resistance of 3.40%~4.00% containing Silicon in steel, heat resisting steel containing SI-1.00%~3.00%, containing Silicon in silicon steel 2%~3% or higher.