Si-Fe Inoculant

Si-Fe Inoculant
Product Details

Xinxin Silicon now brings you the high-quality si-fe inoculant raw materials with different size at low price. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in manufacturing metallurgy and refractory products, which can be used in steelmaking, Foundry Industry, iron casting, or be used as deoxidizer. Should you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

Chemical composition 

Si-Fe inoculant : Si 70%min ; Al 2.0% max ;Fe balance .

Property and characteristics

1. Reducing chilling tendency significantly and relative hardness, improve machinability.

2. High anti-decline ability, prevent declining of inoculants and nodular iron.

3. Enhance the cross section uniformity and prevent the shrink tendency.

4. Steady chemical composition. Even processing granularity. Small deviation in quality and ingredients.

5. Low melting point(approaching 1300℃). Easy for melting absorb and has little dross.


0.2-0.7mm 0.7-1.0mm 1.0-3.0mm 3.0-8.0mm or as your demands.


25KG woven bags or plastic bag .