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Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy consisting of iron and silicon. FerroSilicon is one of the iron silicon alloys made by electric furnace smelting ,and it' s raw material is coke, scrap steel, quartz (or silica ). As silicon and oxygen are easy to synthesize silica, ferrosilicon is often used as deoxidizer in steelmaking, and at the same time, due to the large amount of heat released during the production of SiO2, it is also advantageous to improve the temperature of the molten steel while deoxidizing. In the meantime, ferrosilicon can also be used as an additive for alloy elements. widely used in low-alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical silicon steel, Ferrosilicon is often used as reducing agent in ferroalloy production and chemical industry.
1.ferrosilicon Used as deoxidizer and alloying agents in the steel industry.
2.ferrosilicon Used as nucleating agent and spheroid zing agent in the iron industry.
Adding a certain amount of ferrosilicon in iron cast can reduce the carbide of the iron and promote the precipitation and nodulizing of graphite.
3.Ferrosilicon 75# is the main raw materials of producing metal magnesium, tons of consumption is at about 1.1 tons.


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